Saw Mill Repair In My Workshop

In the workshop this week, I repaired the saw mill to mill up a piece of burled maple for a client.

"If a tree falls in the forest..."

Sometime in early September of 2018, the first major hurricane of the season tore through the Carolinas. The winds brought down trees on our property and other neighboring land. The evening after the storm, my eldest son heard a large "thwack!" in the woods. I didn't believe him at first, but the next morning I ventured into the woods behind my

workshop. A large tree had fallen and its roots had been ripped from the ground. The worms, roots, and root ball were exposed. It was one of many burled maples on our property. I had no desire to cut down the tree, but after the storm there it was.

"Six years without a problem..."

About six years ago, I drafted plans for a saw mill. Until then, I had been using a chain saw mill which was time consuming and imprecise. The lord put it in my heart to secure an actual mill for future projects. Most saw mills on the market underperform and are overpriced. With very little knowledge of engineering, I built my first saw mill. Since then, my little saw mill, affectionately named Teeny, has functioned without any complications. Recently, a client commissioned me to build a television cabinet. I decided to use the dried burled Maple from three years ago. I discovered my saw mill Teeny was in need of repairs while milling up a cedar log for a coffee table. The hold down was refusing to pincher the log. Upon further inspection, I noticed that years of over tightening the hold downs had stripped the thread.

"Teeny will be ready to go..."

This week, I repaired Teeny. The first thing I did was cut the hold down which is designed to be removed for repairs. Then, I cut the hold down nut and cleaned the welding points of the steel. I welded on a new nut, screwed in the three-inch bolt, and welded a handle atop the bolt. I welded the hold down back on to the mill and added a new coat of blue paint. Now, with my first repair finished, I can cut open the burled maple and see what we get.

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